Tax Planning

Tax Planning Services

Diligent planning is essential to keeping tax obligations low for all kinds of small businesses. Don’t wait till the end of the year, start planning next year’s tax strategies today by working with Stephan Mueller, CPA. Our California CPA Firm is highly experienced in tax planning and compliance for small and medium-sized businesses. We understand how tax regulations apply to businesses in various industries and how to implement tax planning methods that may reduce your tax liability and exposure. The tax laws change constantly so we make you aware of how updates and revisions could affect your business. And if you’re starting a new business, we can identify which business structure will afford the highest tax savings for your business. We also provide income tax planning for individual business owners and will find ways to minimize their income taxes. With our assistance, you’ll keep more of what you earn at tax time and will feel confident that you’ve taken advantage of all applicable tax breaks.

Tax Planning for Businesses and Their Owners

We offer a variety of tax planning services to both businesses and individuals. Proactive tax planning now can save you money and make tax time much easier. Call us at (925) 327-1100 and request a initial consultation to learn more.

Strategic tax planning

Financial decisions often have tax implications. As your tax adviser, we’ll manage your effective tax rate to keep taxes low so more profits head towards your bottom line.

Planning under the “TCJA”

Businesses have received many new opportunities under the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act or ‘TCJA’. Among them are new lower tax rates for corporations, the elimination of the alternative minimum tax, and the new “qualified business income” deduction for pass-through entities. While the first 2 “opportunities” probably will make life simpler for business owners in the long term, the transition may be complicated for small and medium-sized businesses. And if you want to talk, “complicated”, the qualified business income deduction is just that. We suggest you give us a call and request a consultation.

Multi-state tax planning

Businesses that operate across multiple states are prone to a number of complicated tax issues. We’ll make sure you’re in compliance with all state and Federal tax regulations.

Succession planning

Preserve the continuity of your business and address important concerns ahead of time with a business succession plan. We’ll develop a plan that ensures your business will avoid tax issues when being transferred to your beneficiaries.