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Tax Agencies Problem Resolution

Receiving a notice from the IRS or Franchise Tax Board can be a frightening experience, but it doesn’t have to keep you awake at night. Call Stephan Mueller, CPA at (925)327-1100 and let us go to work on your behalf. Whether you need help filing back taxes or are being threatened with a lien, levy, or wage garnishment, we have the know-how and experience needed to resolve your issue. We can work with the IRS or FTB to help both individuals and businesses get tax settlement options, as well as we can provide audit assistance.

Relax and have peace of mind by calling Stephan Mueller, CPA today to discuss how we can resolve your tax issues through our IRS problem resolution services.

Let us help with a wide range of IRS problems including:

Back Taxes
After assessing your specific situation, we’ll advise you of your options, prepare your delinquent returns, and work with the IRS in an effort to minimize your tax debt and avoid penalties.

Liens and Levies
If you’re facing liens or levies as a result of delinquent taxes, Stephan Mueller, CPA Will work directly with the IRS to get them removed and avoid further penalties.

Audit Assistance for your Business
When the lRS notifies you that your taxes are being audited, call Stephan Mueller, CPA right away. We’ll make sure you’re fully prepared and we’ll guide you through the process from beginning to end.